Lunt Consulting LLC specializes in comprehensive services tailored to enhance organizational efficacy and deliver results you're proud of.  From optimizing structures and processes to expertly navigating recruitment, selection, and promotional processes, our team ensures strategic people engagement - your greatest asset!  We also provide targeted training solutions and conduct thorough investigations empowering your organization with the tools to strive for excellence, grow trust, and realize your vision. 

Organizational Optimization

All resources are limited, and the talent of your people that has been entrusted to you should not be wasted.  We help you achieve objectives by aligning vision and process.


Through a talented, empathetic outside perspective, we help bolster your strengths and enlighten your blindspots so that you can execute a winning personal and professional strategy.  

Job Search, Selection, & Promotional Processes

Hiring and promotional decisions impact organizations for years. Safeguard your future by using research-backed, patented tools.


Our highly practical, easy to apply communications and leadership training help your people confidently solve problems, motivate their teams, and deliver exceptional service both internally and externally.  


High quality investigations are essential for maintaining integrity, mitigating legal issues, and promoting a positive culture.