About Mica Lunt

Professional Services and Expertise
  • Team development, mission alignment, stakeholder engagement, change management, strategic planning

  • Leadership, followership, management, and supervision training; policy and employee handbook development; ethics & DEI training

  • Promotional processes, assessment centers, background investigations, recruiting and selection

  • Cross-functional and multi-industry project management including GovTech, sales, go-to-market 

  • Expert witness & Instructor: intoxication & impaired driving, police procedure, policy and procedures, report writing, and courtroom testimony

  • Malfeasance in office & misconduct investigations

  • Law enforcement training, training division administration;  instructor development; compliance (POST/TCOLE/CLEET)

  • Emergency management and planning, active attack (shooter) response, special event planning (safety and security)

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Coaching in the Pursuit of Excellence

As a Coach, Mica Lunt has the experience of serving in formal leadership roles from front line supervisor, mid-level and upper management, and chief executive in both the public and private sector.  Mica has a formal educational background in psychology, management, criminal justice, and physics.  As an individual contributor he has produced - and as a formal leader he has facilitated - significant, measurable results that brought greater values to those he was serving. 

Mica is driven by seeing his clients apply what they learn and achieve their own results in which they and their constituents are proud.  Mica will inspire you, challenge you, and push you in your continuous pursuit of excellence. 

Why partner with us?

Lunt Consulting LLC leverages decades of diversified experience within the local government, public service and safety, private sector (SaaS), research compliance and administration, higher education, and training spaces to meet your consulting, coaching, and training needs. We excel in facilitating solutions that genuinely meet your needs and equip you to operate with greater efficacy.  Our clients include units of local government (cities, counties), universities, corporations, other consulting firms, legal firms, and individuals. 

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