Organizational Optimization

Unleash the talent of your employees and deliver service excellence to your stakeholders by optimizing your organization.

Team Development

Almost all organizations consist of groups of people.  Unfortunately, many groups do not realize their full potential to function as true teams, where all members are committed to shared values and mission, diversity of thought is appreciated and celebrated so that the best decisions can be identified and acted upon, and the team and its leadership are fully aligned. Lunt Consulting has a track record of team development that delivers.

Organizational Processes

All organizations have processes, but are there non-value-added steps to those processes?  Is communication efficient and effective?  Are internal customers of the organization prioritized along with external customers? Lunt Consulting has drastically improved process, workflow, and communication in both the public and private sector generating impressive, bottom-line results.

Conflict Resolution

Organizations often experience unhealthy conflict caused by poor communication, inconsistent drivers and motivators of individuals or groups, and unresolved history.  Lunt Consulting has a keen ability to resolve unhealthy conflict and help you and your organization turn it into healthy conflict that promotes better ideas, better processes, and better outcomes.  We utilize scientifically validated assessments and a proven process for you and your members to better understand and appreciate each other - even when that seems impossible.