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Job Search, Selection, and Promotional Processes

Hiring and promotional decisions impact organizations for years.  Safeguard your future by using research-backed, patented tools!

Most organizations use standard resume reviews and interview processes to select their next members or next formal leaders.  Research and years of experience show that these methods are inadequate and not predictive of success in the roles members are assigned.  Lunt Consulting uses a job benchmarking process that integrates assessments into the interview and background review process.  This process ensures significantly better job and role fit and reduces turnover.  Imagine selecting your next member or formal leader with the clarity of knowing that both the job and the person are aligned on needs, motivations, drivers, and skills. 

Lunt Consulting also provides comprehensive assessment centers for promotional processes where objective, third-party evaluators with subject matter expertise in the field and role of the position candidates are competing for are used to evaluate how candidates will likely perform in scenarios that are similar to situations they are likely to experience in the role.  Organizations benefit from a research-backed, more accurate approach to promotions, and candidates benefit from the learning and feedback they receive from participating in an assessment center.  Lunt Consulting's assessment centers are unique because they are customized to the organization and to the role. 

Why not use scientifically validated, patented, EEOC compliant, and proven tools to increase the success of your selection and promotional decisions?  The costs of the way we've always done it are just too high!